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AE Applied at the Composite/Cadet Squadron 

For AE Officers and Commanders looking for familiarization or a refresher of AE program components focused on the unit level. There will also be discussion of how to get the STEM kits and use them in your unit.

AE Officers, Commanders and other interested Seniors

How to Get Your Unit Involved in the Unmanned High-Altitude Balloon Program

This session will provide a basic understanding of the equipment and funds needed for your unit to begin participating in the High-Altitude Balloon Program.

All Members

Space the New Frontier  - Choose Your Own Adventure

Capt Edward Schroder, USSF, CAP member, and PhD candidate will discuss the MANY activities, opportunities and studies involving space today. He will begin with a general discussion and then allow the audience to select from a list of topics to go into more detail.

All Members

Cadet Programs

Applications for Cadet Staff - Make Yours Stand Out

This session will guide cadets in making their activity staff applications stand out amongst their peers.

Cadet Members

Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) in-person Meeting

This is a general meeting of the Texas wing Cadet Advisory Council. Members will be allowed to observe but not participate in the meeting.


Cadet Advisory Council (CAC) Town Hall

This is a general meeting with the wing Cadet Advisory Council. All cadets are invited to attend and participate in the meeting. 


Climbing the Cadet Programs Ladder for Seniors

This session will guide seniors in satisfying the requirements to achieve rating levels in Cadet Programs.

Senior Members

Learn About NCSAs and CadetInvest

Learn about NCSA opportunities, how to apply to attend them as well as how to apply for financial assistance.


Navigating eServices 101 - Cadet Programs

Pick up tips and tricks using eServices for cadet programs.

Senior Members

Techniques to Make Required Staff and Cadet Protection Training More Relavant

Required Staff Training and Cadet Protection Training are a key part of cadet activities involving overnight residential stays.  Learn how to make these courses go beyond the PowerPoint and make them relevant to cadet and senior staff alike.

Senior Members

TLC -Basic

The TLC - Basic course prepares adult leaders to contribute as Cadet Program Officers on a squadron staff.  This course will help graduates articulate the CP vision and explain the roles and responsibilities of squadron level CP officers.  Furthermore, students will be able to describe the operating principles of squadron-level CP weekly meetings and activities.  

Senior Members

TLC -Intermediate

The TLC - Intermediate course expands on the Basic course and assists local CP Officers in leading a squadron's Cadet Program.  Participants will discuss how local leaders might serve cadets with special needs and methods for positive, indirect leadership.  Students will also investigate various national and wing activity programs.

Senior Members


Air National Guard Opportunities

Air National Guard members will discuss the MANY opportunities available to members of the Air National Guard.


How to Become an Air Force Pilot

This is a discussion of the requirements, advice, myths(?), backup plans, Air Force vs Air National Guard vs Air Force Reserve, Q&A.


K-9 Demonstration

The SAPD will discuss how they work with K-9 Police Officers and provide a demonstration. 

All Members

Learn About Attending USAFA or USNA 

Representatives from US Air Force and Navy will discuss how to apply to the military academies, the requirements to apply as well as what is unique to each of their services.


Learn About Police Career Opportunities

The SAPD will highlight various career paths available in most police departments as well as the normal hiring requirements and process.



Chaplain and CDI meeting

Wing led meeting for all Chaplains and CDIs

Chaplains and CDIs

Implementing the Character Development Program at Your Squadron

Implementation suggestions for CDIs and Commanders at the squadron level

Chaplains, CDIs, Commanders and other interested members


Can CAP Communications become National Incident Management System compliant?

How to make CAP Comms training and operations to be compliant with NIMS to better serve outside agencies. 

Communications Officers and other interested members

Status of Communications in Texas Wing and Q&A Session

Discussion of current Communications status, Future Projects, and Q&A session

Communications Officers and other interested members

Education and Training

Education and Training offices hours (2 sessions)

Meet with Education and Training Officers to discuss your specific needs.

All Senior Members

Level 2

In the morning the discussion modules for Level 2 part 1 will be presented. In the afternoon, the disscussion modules for Level 2 part 2 will be presented. Refer to https://www.gocivilairpatrol.com/media/cms/Level_II_Modules__Revised_71323_b032946aae07b.pdf for list.

Senior Members who have completed Level 1 and need Level 2 parts 1 and/or 2

Understanding the Senior Education and Training program

Are you looking for a better understanding of the Senior Education and Training program? Here is your opportunity to learn how to promote in CAP, where to find information about the various levels and how to find the required courses.

All Senior Members

Emergency Services

First Aid - 2 sessions

This a 4-hour First Aid class including CPR.

Cadet and Senior Members


Navigating eServices 101 - General Info,  Reports

Navigate eServices easily for Commanders, Admin and Personnel Officers. Tips and shortcuts.  Bring your tablet or laptop. Use your cell phone hot spot or venue wi-fi so you can log into eServices and follow the presentation.

Admin,  Personnel and Interested Seniors


Finance and WMIRS 101

High-level review of finance and why it is important to units. Answer questions concerning finance. We will also discuss WMIRS and how to enter sorties properly.

Commanders, Finance Officers and other interested senior members


Exploring the CAP Book of Secrets

Exacerbated by eSservices?  Perplexed by Professional Levels? Confounded by Cadet Programs?

Can’t keep up with all of the new changes? Questions swirling in your head about duty positions, emergency services, finance, public affairs, transportation, etc. Ever wondered what you need to be a commander? And what’s up with alphabet soup of acronyms: ALS, AFROC, CTEP, DCC, MAC, SAREX, TLC,  WLE, WMIRS? It doesn’t matter if you’re new to CAP or have been a member for years – this class is for you.

Senior Members

CAP Q&A Session with National Staff

This is your opportunity to speak with our National Commander. Submit your questions ahead of time. A form will be provided closer to the conference date for question submissions.

All Members

Health Services

Health Services for Cadet Programs and Activities Officers

Planning, managing, and staffing any activity can be both challenging and rewarding.  While the safety of our members is always top of mind when planning, one of the most challenging areas is the health and wellness of our attendees. From food allergies, picky eaters, preexisting health issues to cadet medications and when to call parents, this class looks at organizational best practice’s and recommendations from the National Health Services Advisory Team (HSAT) as they apply to these activities. 

Activity Directors (Unit, Group, Wing, Region, and National), Deputy Activity Directors, Members who oversee organized activities such as ALS, CTEP, Weekend/Overnight AE/CP/ES Training

Health Services for Commander's and HSO's

The health and wellness of our membership is a pivotal component to the success of our organizational missions.  As leaders it is important that we understand how to appropriately leverage our Health Services Officers and the critical role their expertise brings to the table. This class looks as the roles and responsibilities HSO play in the command structure, how they support your vision, and works to clarify general misconceptions of the CAP HS program. 

Commanders, Activity Directors, Deputy Commanders, Members Considering Command Tracks

Information Technology

Create your Squadron Website 

 (NHQ has implemented a new website management system that allows the free and easy creation of unit websites.  Learn how to create and manage your unit’s website with a jumpstart to this new system as well as tips and tricks.) Create your Squadron Website (NHQ has implemented a new website management system that allows the free and easy creation of unit websites.  Learn how to create and manage your unit’s website with a jumpstart to this new system as well as tips and tricks.)

Senior Members

Cyber Security -  Understanding Technology Security Threats

Review security threats to the CAP environment such as phishing and malware and how to prevent them at the individual member level.

All Members

Inspector General

Handling IG Complaints

This session will review the proper process of handling complaints within CAP.

Senior Members

Preparing for your SUI 

This session provides detailed information  on how to prepare for your SUI and will discuss some lessons learned from previous SUIs.

Senior Members


National Mentoring Program

This session discusses the CAP Mentoring Program, how mentors and mentees are paired up, and the benefits of a mentor/mentee relationship.

Senior Members


Learning About Logistics - Inventory and Vehicle Processes

Learn how to use ORMS for retirement and inventory. This session will also discuss vehicle maintenance processes and vehicle usage reports. 

Commanders and Logistics Officers

Logistics Solutions - Q&A

Bring your logistics questions and challenges to an open question and answer session with the wing Logistics team.

Commanders and Logistics Officers and other interested members

Marketing and Public Affairs

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Maintaining an online presence for squadrons, groups, and wings

Having problems utilizing your social media channels? This course will show you the best practices for the current social platforms and maximize your return on investment.

All Members


NCO Extravaganza

This session will provide a brief history of the NCO Corps and describe the function of the senior and cadet NCO in a CAP unit.

All Members


Emergency Services and Operations Q&A


All Members

Emergency Services Missions and Capabilities


All Members

Operations - General Update



Operations - New Technologies


All Members

Pilot Stan Eval

This session will discuss:
- Explanation of the Wing Standardization and Evaluation system
- TX Wing Pilot count and aircraft disposition
- Onboarding training requirements
- Engine Leaning procedures
- Form 70-5 errors, validation procedures, troublesome F5 maneuvers
- Pilot Operating Handbook performance charts
- Correct completion of various forms
- Misc items concerning aircraft ground handling

CAP Pilots

Personnel and Admin

Squadron Membership Boards:  Screening for Quality Mission-Capable Members

Squadron Commanders need to attend this session!  Every unit is required by CAPR 39-2, Sec. 1.5 to convene a Membership Board to evaluate each new senior member candidate prior to recommending their application for membership.  This is an important process which is necessary to ensure quality mission-capable members join our ranks.  Learn about the Membership Board, questions to ask, red flags, and preventing discriminatory bias in the membership evaluation process.

Commanders, Personnel Officers and interested senior members

Personnel and Administration Topics & Award Writing


All Senior Members


Keys to Retaining Members

Lt Col Jackson will be discussing what is retention, when and where does it start, who is responsible, and what can be done to make it better.



Becoming a Safety Officer

How to become an SE and MSO to assist your squadron members to perform their duties safely and efficiently.  How to develop the "safety culture" within your CAP Squadron and your workplace and family communities.

All Senior Members

Safety - Learning From Our Past Mishaps

 "If we don't learn from history, we will repeat our mistakes."  A review of the past year's mishaps in the Texas Wing as well as National CAP.  What can we learn from the past?  A breakdown of the errors and mistakes and how to prevent them in the future.  "Everything that happens to you in life is the direct result of something you DID - or did NOT - do."

Commanders, Safety Officers and other interested members

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