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Spring CTEP

The 2023 Texas Wing Spring CTEP/TLC will be conducted on 31 March - 2 April 2023 at Texas Wing Headquarters in Nacogdoches.

The Cadet Training and Education Program is made up of four different leadership schools designed to assist cadets as they progress through the cadet program. These courses give cadets both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility. To apply as an instructor, you must have graduated CCSC, RCLS or COS. To staff support, you must have completed the current school that you for which you are eligible. 

The Training Leaders of Cadets course is the premiere venue for Cadet Program Officers to learn how to become better mentors to cadets and how to become effective managers of cadet/composite squadrons. The basic and intermediate course will be covered. All senior members need to have completed TLC prior to serving on staff.

We are now accepting applications for: 

Cadet Commandant (Cadet Commander) 
Deputy Commandant
Executive Officer
(2) Administration Officer 
(4) Food Service Officer
(6) Logistics Officer
(2) Medical
NCOA Lead Instructor 
(2) NCOA Instructor 
SNCOA Lead Instructor 
(2) SNCOA Instructor 
OTS Lead Instructor 
(2) OTS Instructor 
CCSC Lead Instructor 
(2) CCSC Instructor 

Deputy Commander 
Executive Officer
Safety Officer
Health Services Officer
Administration Mentor 
(2) Logisitics Mentor
(2) Food Service Mentor 
(3) NCOA Mentor 
(3) SNCOA Mentor 
(3) OTS Mentor 
(2) CCSC Mentor

Thank you

Applications will be accepted until 10 February 2023. Applications can be done through the following links: 

Cadet Staff Application

Senior Staff Application


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