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Texas Wing Encampment

Encampment is usually the first activity a basic cadet attends. Encampment teaches the cadet basic military drill, teamwork, and knowledge of the other areas that cadets can get involved in during their cadet career. Basic Encampment is for those cadets that have not previously attended an Encampment. Encampment is required for cadets to promote to the officer grades. It is also required for a cadet to attend the Lone Star Emergency Services Academy, Intermediate Encampment, Servant Leadership Academy (CLA), Medical Orientation & Training School (MOTS), or any National Cadet Special Activities. A cadet at basic encampment will learn how to drill as part of a flight, teamwork, Aerospace opportunities, leadership opportunities and other classes. Please see CAPR 60-1 and CAPP 60-70 for all opportunities that encampment offers. 

For more details on Encampment with CAP, visit the NHQ site at NHQ Cadet Programs Encampment.

Financial Assistance

Help with tuition and uniform expenses is available. Please see the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program page.  CEAP opens on 1 March for Summer Encampments and 1 November for Winter Encampments. CEAP closes about 30 days prior to the start of the encampment.


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