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Aircraft Maintenance

Texas Wing is committed to having the best maintained fleet in the Civil Air Patrol and we are committed to simplifying the process as much as possible.  The simpler the process, the quicker aircraft get in and out of maintenance.  However, we also have to remember that we are all volunteers and while it may be simple for you to pick up the phone when you need something repaired it may not be convenient for our staff at that exact moment.  So to make this process simpler we have created a Aircraft Maintenance Request form, which can be found throughout this Operations SharePoint site and in the right hand column of this page.  Whenever you need to have your aircraft serviced, please fill out the form and our Maintenance Staff will work with your aircraft custodian as soon as possible to get your aircraft into maintenance.  If it is an emergency you can still call, but we will still need you to fill out the request form so that we can document the request.

We are also requesting that all of our Aircraft Custodians complete the Aircraft Health Report form to help us get a better picture towards the quality of our aircraft and identify any trends or identify items that need to be fixed that have not been reported.

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