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Financial Management

Civil Air Patrol’s financial management goal is to promote and ensure the integrity of financial management practices and financial reporting.

Submit all bill pay requests with the appropriate form to billpayrequests@txwgcap.org.

Annual Budgets & CAPF 172

Note: Please continue to submit at old website here:  https://www.txwgcap.org/departments/fm/finance-annual-report/

Finance Monthly Report

Note: Please continue to submit at old website here:  https://www.txwgcap.org/departments/fm/finance-monthly-report/

Process for CD Hotel Receipt Processing

Attached is some training on how to upload hotel receipts for AF funded CD missions.

The Pilots actually on the RON Request should be able to do this on their own, because the process is like the fuel receipt upload process.

The IC and/or CMD should verify that this is completed each week.

Once the hotel receipt is uploaded, the Wing can process the mission expenses on a 108. The wing credit card will get paid, and the member will receive their Per Diem via auto deposit to their account.

If there are any questions, please contact the Wing Director of Finance.


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