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IG SUI Inspection Team Training

The new Inspection Augmentee (IA) Course has been published and is available for anyone to take.  This will directly affect how new members are trained for SUI Teams and anyone beginning their training in the IG Specialty Track.

Students begin the IA course on LMS, complete Lessons 1 and 2 on-line, and then must contact  their Wing IG requesting inclusion in an SUI team.

The students are required to participate as a team member under supervision in one actual SUI.  The IG or a designee will observe and mentor the student in all parts of the SUI, including use of the:

1. SUI Worksheets,
2. Grade calculator,
3. Interviewing,
4. and writing of special entries (AoC, Discrepancies, Commendables, etc.).

The IG must be satisfied that the person is a competent SUI Team Member.  If participation is not successful, The IG may schedule them for another SUI.


  • If the student performs to the IG’s satisfaction on the SUI, The IG or team chief must enter the student’s name in the list of team members on the SUI Report.
  • If they cannot perform satisfactorily as a team member, they cannot pass the course and should not be listed as part of the team.  The SUI participation is a pass/fail point in the course.


  • The IG or the Team Chief will give the student a copy of the SUI Report. 
  • The student will then upload it to the IA Course Lesson 3.

Uploading the report to LMS will trigger an automatic notice to the instructors.  The instructors are selected members of the CAP/IGT staff.  IGT staff will approve the course completion, “grading” the SUI Report submission at 100% for everyone.

Do not contact your Region IG.  The Region IGs are no longer part of the approval process.

If you have further questions or problems, you may contact, The Wing IG (texasig@gmail.com) or Lt Col Barbalace at (sdig.cap@gmail.com).

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