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Office 365

Texas Wing Office 365 Services

Texas Wing offers its senior members access to the Office 365 ecosystem. This service provides every member with access to Civil Air Patrol email system, data storage for Word/Excel/Power Point applications, and improved collaboration via Teams and SharePoint.

Applications Provided

The E1 edition provides web-based Office apps including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Teams and more.  This does NOT include Windows versions of these applications to install on your local computer.


NOTE: The opportunity to possess a @txwg.cap.gov account is a privilege, not a right, and the account may be restricted or removed at the discretion of the Texas Wing commander. 
  • You may not use your @txwg.cap.gov account for political purposes or to advertise any commercial services.

  • You may not use your @txwg.cap.gov account to post on any non-CAP internet-based blog, chat or similar system.

Please review CAPR 120-1 (Information Technology Security) for appropriate regulations to follow with respect to Internet Operations and Services, and CAPP 152 (Social Media Guidelines) for guidelines on restrictions on posting information on non-CAP sites using your account.

Account Information

Username (Used for login): CAPID@txwg.cap.gov

Primary Email Address (Used for email): first.last@txwg.cap.gov

Note: A password change will be required upon initial login.


What is Microsoft Office 365?

Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that brings together the best tools for the way people work today. By combining best-in-class apps like Excel and Outlook with powerful cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, Office 365 lets anyone create and share anywhere on any device.

What edition of Microsoft Office 365 is Texas Wing providing?

Microsoft Office 365 E1 (for nonprofits).

Who is eligible for an account?

Any active senior member in Texas Wing is eligible. Cadets and inactive senior members (hosted in unit TX-000) are not currently eligible.

Am I required to use the Office 365 system?

No, but it is highly encouraged. Not only does this offer a standard email schema of @txwg.cap.gov for all members, but the Office 365 service provides several other applications that will allow Texas Wing members to better communicate and collaborate, including online meeting tools, intra-Texas Wing social networking, team project and task management, etc.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

Send an email to: it-requests@txwg.cap.gov with the included information: 

  • Full Name (As it appears in Eservices)
  • CAP ID
Does this include desktop versions (Windows or macOS) of the Microsoft Office applications?

No, the edition of Microsoft Office 365 provided only includes the web-based versions. If you have existing Windows or macOS versions of the Microsoft Office applications (like Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook), you may use them to create and edit files with Office 365. Note that newer versions of the desktop applications will be more seamless in how they integrate with your Office 365 environment.

Does this include mobile versions (e.g. iOS) of the Office apps?

Yes, Office mobile apps may be downloaded from the App Store and integrated by logging in to your Texas Wing account in the app.

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