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Foreflight Aircraft W&B Profiles

Note that these hyperlinks should be utilized from the iOS / iPadOS device where ForeFlight is installed as it will open the W&B profile within ForeFlight.  These hyperlinks will not work from a desktop browser.  Ensure when on your iPad, that you have selected "mobile version" of this website and not "desktop version".

As a reminder from the recorded webinars, ForeFlight shows default maximum limits for aircraft.  Therefore, Cessna 172s with an STC for an increased maximum weight and CG limit will not be reflected properly.  The empty weight and CG should be correct, so you can see the results of adding various weights to the aircraft, but it is up to you to verify what the maximum actually is.

Final reminder:  Data in the ForeFlight files and W&B PDF sheet are based on what aircraft custodians submitted.  If you notice data different than actual, please contact your custodian to submit corrected data.  Final W&B confirmation is the responsibility of the PIC.


CAP 4211
N116CP Extended Cargo CAP 4211


CAP 4212


N165CP CAP4216


CAP 4222

N239TX CAP 4239


CAP 4247


CAP 4249


CAP 4255


CAP 4201
CAP 4201


CAP 4202


CAP 4263
CAP 4263


CAP 4236


CAP 4262


N735CP CAP 4235


CAP 4268


CAP 4278

N794CA CAP 4294


N845CP CAP 4284


N9431X CAP 4231


CAP 4224


N96821 CAP 4221


N9813L CAP 4245


N982CP CAP 4242


CAP 4243


CAP 4264


CAP 4240


CAP 4292









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