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Aerospace Education (AE)

Aerospace Education in the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) is one of the three missions that are mandated by the law that created CAP.  The Aerospace Education programs provide an understanding and an appreciation of aviation and of space exploration.  A knowledge of Aerospace Education provides an understanding of  the total impact of air and space technology upon our society.

What makes a great Aerospace Education Officer?

Great AEOs will be passionate about spreading the wonders of Aerospace and Cyberspace to fellow Civil Air Patrol members and non-members.  AEOs are a critical component of Civil Air Patrol's outreach programs facilitating AE to public schools with the ACE, AEM programs, and putting Teachers in CAP Aircraft through the TOP Flight program.

Are you in Cadet Programs...

Cadet Programs and Aerospace Education work hand in hand to educate the youth.  All Cadet Programs officers are encouraged, to take advantage of the extra resources available to AEOs.  If you are a CP and interested in adding the AE track, please contact your Education and Training Officer, Squadron Commander, or Wing AE to get the specialty track and permissions added.


You can reach the Aerospace Education Team by emailing: AE@txwg.cap.gov

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