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Encampment is usually the first activity a basic cadet attends. Encampment teaches the cadet basic military drill, teamwork, and knowledge of the other areas that cadets can get involved in during their cadet career. Basic Encampment is for those cadets that have not previously attended an Encampment. Encampment is required for cadets to promote to the officer grades. It is also required for a cadet to attend the Lone Star Emergency Services Academy, Intermediate Encampment, Servant Leadership Academy (CLA), Medical Orientation & Training School (MOTS), or any National Cadet Special Activities. A cadet at basic encampment will learn how to drill as part of a flight, teamwork, Aerospace opportunities, leadership opportunities and other classes. Please see CAPR 60-1 and CAPP 60-70 for all opportunities that encampment offers. 

Intermediate Encampment

Intermediate encampment is for cadets who have completed basic encampment and have an interest in CAP's rocketry program and the art of marksmanship. Intermediate encampment is held concurrently with basic encampment.

Airman Leadership School

Airman Leadership School (ALS) is the first step in the Cadet Training and Education Program (CTEP). It is for all airmen, airman basic through senior airman. ALS takes new cadets through everything that they will need before they go to encampment. It prepares them by having experienced cadet staff work with them on their uniforms, their boots, their drill movements, and many other aspects of cadet life.

Officer School

The purpose of the Noncommissioned Officer School is to prepare cadet Noncommissioned Officers (NCO) to be skilled and competent in elementary leadership while simultaneously providing a hands-on practical experience in servant leadership fundamentals. This “Leadership Laboratory” is a hands-on student-led course designed to allow students to practice the leadership skills necessary to be a successful NCO and leader. Practicum includes learning to instruct drill and ceremony, observing, demonstrating, and guiding customs and courtesies, conducting uniform and bunk inspections, directing physical fitness, and leading small group problem solving exercises that promote teamwork dynamics and inspire the team building experience and practice. Simultaneously, this school strives to produce novice leaders that will excel in self-discipline, personal development, and strictly adhere to the Civil Air Patrol core values. Additionally, the NCO School is a venue for adult Civil Air Patrol members to grow as Leaders of Cadets making a more valuable contribution to cadet programs.


The CTEP Leadership School is made up of four different cadet schools and one senior school. CTEP is designed to take cadets as they progress through the program and give them both the knowledge and skills to lead cadets at their level of responsibility at both the squadron and at activities.      

Officer Academy
C/SSgt - C/MSgt

 ​The Non-Commissioned Officer Academy is designed to teach the new cadet NCOs to teach drill, motivate new cadets, and help them to learn servant leadership, team dynamics, critical thinking skills and creative thinking processes. It helps them to think about training and learning objectives at the local level.

Senior Non-Commissioned
Officer Academy
C/MSgt - C/CMSgt

​The ​Senior Non-Commissioned Officer Academy is designed to provide an environment based on the Learn to Lead curriculum. The mission of the school is to prepare SNCOs for leadership positions within Civil Air Patrol as well as in the community. SNCOA focuses on professional communication, IE: public speaking, writing, and business communication. As well as the human elements of leadership, practical Senior NCO skills, critical thinking, and their transition to officership, a more hands off approach to the cadet program. The goal of SNCOA is to enhance cadet training to encourage them to function mentally and physically on a much higher level than expected of them. This is done through physical activity, rigorous homework assignments, teaching tools, leadership forums, and classroom presentations. Prior to attending SNCOA students are expected to have a firm understanding and knowledge of the CAP Cadet Program, as well as the basics of public speaking and formal writing.

Officer Training School
OTS (RCSL Part 1)
C/2d Lt - C/Maj

​Officer Training School is the third level in the Cadet Training Education Program. OTS is a Texas Wing Leadership Seminar that introduces several techniques needed for effective performance as a cadet officer. Students are instructed on how to effectively manage, serve in various officer positions, and facilitate their squadron meetings. The instruction given in class is coupled with group leadership projects and planning sessions. These activities provide cadets a way to apply what they have learned during their training.​

Cadet Command Staff College
CCSC (RCLS Part 2)
C/Maj - C/Col (C/Capt with OTS Credit)

​The Cadet Command Staff College is the last school in the CTEP progression. It takes cadets at the strategic level and teaches them the skills to plan and execute a wing level event such as an encampment. They spend the weekend planning the next encampment. Many times, the ideas that they produce are implemented into the actual encampment.

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