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Cadet Conference

Activity Postponed

The Texas Wing Cadet Conference has been postponed until Spring 2024. Please check back for more information.

Call for Proposals

The purpose of the conference is to provide cadets with sessions that are practical, relevant, and translate to their CAP career and future vocations. Also, to provide cadets with opportunities to network with cadets across the Texas Wing.  

Call for proposals: The cadet conference team is calling for proposals. Presenting at CadetCon provides a cadet the opportunity to build network experience and lifelong learning with fellow cadets. Presenting a session individually or as part of a team is a wonderful way to share knowledge, experiences, and ideas. Cadets may submit multiple proposals. The sessions are 30 minutes in length so your proposal must reflect that.  

Proposal guidelines: 

  1. The proposal must be relevant to cadets in the Civil Air Patrol. Proposals may cover progression in the program, cadet life, applying to activities, or similar topics.  
  2. The proposal should reflect one’s own experiences and lessons learned from those experiences. 
  3. The proposal must have a purpose statement. 
  4. The proposal must have items needed for the session (projector, paper, pens, etc.). 

Proposal submission: 

  1. Proposals will be submitted via email in PDF format to cadetconference@txwg.cap.gov 
  2. Proposals will be typed in Times New Roman 12pt. font and double spaced. 
  3. The pdf file name will be cadets last name followed by CadetCon2023 (ex. SmithCadetCon2023). 
  4. Proposals will follow guidelines stated above. 
  5. The first sentence of the proposal must contain the names of the session presenters. 
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