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Texas Wing Winter Encampment 2023


Important Information

Camp Swift Training Center, Training Area 2, McDade, Texas
764 FM 2336, McDade, TX 78650

26-31 December 2023
Staff Days: 10-12 November 2023 at Camp Swift

Student: $300
Cadet Cadre: $175
Senior Staff: $175

Cadet Encampment Assistance Program

The window for applying for the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP) is now open. It is open from 1 November - 26 November 2023. This program is to help those families that are struggling to pay for the encampment or to get uniform assistance. If you need more information on CEAP, please go to gocivilairpatrol.com/CEAP

Encampment Student Applications

Student Applications have now closed. Students chosen will receive an email with the link to pay within a designated timeline. Those that have not been selected will receive an email informing them that they are on the waitlist. Please look for that email within the next couple of weeks. Thank you.

Basic Encampment is for those cadets that have not previously attended an Encampment. Encampment is required for cadets to promote to the officer grades. It is also required for a cadet to attend or staff any other activities that Texas Wing has to offer or any National Cadet Special Activities. A cadet at basic encampment will learn how to drill as part of a flight, teamwork, Aerospace opportunities, leadership opportunities and other classes. Please see CAPR 60-1 and CAPP 60-70 for all opportunities that encampment offers. 

Due to limited space, we are only accepting 126 students at this winter encampment. 

Please feel free to email us at texasencampment@txwg.cap.gov if you have any questions. 

Application Process

Cadets must be 12 years of age to apply and have completed their Curry Achievement (Cadet Airman).  To apply, please fill out the Student Application JotForm.  If a cadet is under the age of 18, parents are required to sign the form when their cadet fills it out. Please be sure to have all insurance and prescription drug cards scanned in a jpeg (.jpg) format before you begin. A copy of the application will be sent to the parent email noted in the application and to the student email for their records. Squadron Commanders will receive an email to approve or deny the student application at the squadron level.

Applications will close on 22 October 2023. 

If you need financial assistance for encampment, please talk to your Squadrons about the Cadet Encampment Assistance Program (CEAP). This program is applied to through the National Civil Air Patrol eServices page. CEAP is awarded per Encampment. If you received it for Summer, but did not attend a summer encampment, you must apply again to get it for the winter encampment. 

After the deadline passes, students will be slotted for encampment by grade (rank), age, and by the order in which they were received. Once a student is slotted, they will receive an email with the EventBrite link to pay for encampment within the allotted timeframe. The Encampment will cost $300. If a cadet has applied for CEAP, there is an EventBrite ticket for that. You have to first apply for both the encampment and CEAP; you CANNOT get one and then apply for the other. 

EventBrite tickets will be non-refundable after 19 November 2023.

Staff Selections have Concluded

Cadet Cadre applications have closed. Staff Selections have concluded. Please see the Staff List for all those that are staffing.  

Operations Plan & Packing List

Cadet Staff Descriptions

Senior Staff Descriptions

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