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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What uniform should students arrive in?
Students should be dressed in their Blues when they arrive at encampment.

What email should we contact if we have questions?

Are students able to do laundry?
Generally, no. Their TO will do any required laundry during the activity. This includes flight t-shirts and any accidents that may happen. Students will need to bring what is on the packing list and will not do laundry.

Will students be given the flight t-shirts or do we need to order them somewhere?
They will be given flight t-shirts once they arrive. They will need to bring the required number of sand t-shirts that are on the packing list.

What time is Pass in Review on December 31st? Where should parents go?
The Pass in Review will begin at 11:00 AM. Parents may begin arriving at 10:30 AM.

Will the colored shirts be provided?
Yes, the cadets will get 2 flight t-shirts once they get there.

How do we handle medications that our Cadet needs?  Do we pack it with them, or do they have to give it to you when he checks in?
All Medications need to be in their original containers with only the required amount + 2 for the activity. All medications (including Over the Counter) need to be placed in a large gallon bag Ziplock with the cadet’s Name, CAPID, and Flight on the bag. They will turn it in to the medical officer for storage and will come to medical to take their meds. This will be logged. This is per the recommended guidance given to National CAP and is being beta tested at this encampment.

How can I go about getting another set of ABU’s?
You can order one from Vanguard or any other vender that sells them. You can also talk to your squadron. Some keep a surplus of extra uniforms that can be issued to cadets.

Will it be possible for cadets to attend Catholic Mass on Sunday morning or Saturday evening?
No. Because encampment ends on a Sunday, everyone will be preparing to leave and head home. There will not be time to take them to mass and return for the end of encampment.

What is the dress code for parents for graduation?
Parents may wear whatever they like for graduation. Some parents dress up for pictures and others wear t-shirt and jeans.

Will cadets be able to drive themselves to encampment?
Yes, cadets will be asked to park their cars in a specific area for the week. Their keys will be turned in with their contraband and returned at the end of the week.

EpiPens and rescue inhalers should be with them at all times.
Cadets are asked to carry their EpiPens and Inhalers in their right pant, cargo pocket.

Do we still take blue/black sweats or are they optional for summer?
They are optional for summer. Shorts and flight t-shirts are commonly worn for PT in the summer.

Graduation is the only time for parents to come, correct?
Yes, graduation is the only time parents can come. There is 10:30 am arrival for parents.

Will they have time to check their cell phones?
Cell phones will be taken during bag checks at in-processing and given back at the end of the week. They will not have access during encampment.

Is there a recommended color for backpacks?
No. All colors may be used for backpacks.

Will there be a social media site that daily photos will be uploaded to for parents to check in and see?
Yes, Texas Wing has a Facebook page that all photos will be posted to.
Texas Wing, Civil Air Patrol https://www.facebook.com/txwgcap

Can I send my cadet an email at encampment?
Yes, writing emails to your cadets is encouraged. Some need some encouragement and a voice from home is appreciated. Please note that all emails are read by staff before they are delivered and emails that are deemed inappropriate will not be delivered. Please send emails to texasencampment@gmail.com. Please place your Cadet’s Full Name and Flight in the subject line. Please note that these will be read by staff before being delivered to the cadet.

Are gift boxes allowed?
There usually isn’t time to have anything delivered to cadets other than emails. It is not recommended to mail something to the cadets.

Will cadet be able to get on their own email or is there an email address to send the messages to?
Cadets will not be able to check their own email. They will not have access to electronic devices. You can email them at texasencampment@gmail.com. Please put your Cadet’s Name and Flight in the subject line.

Would Ball Caps be authorized for PT uniforms?
Cadets will wear their ABU caps as their PT hat. They may wear another Civil Air Patrol hat for PT, but not with their regular ABU.

Do we need to bring our drill guides?
No. The cadet cadre will have all the necessary drill guides and manuals.

What are the daily meals like?
The Mess staff will prepare a well-balanced meal for all three meals.

Cadets in my squadron have told me that we need two not fitted sheets. I see the packing list says 1 fitted and 1 not fitted. What should I bring?
Cadets need to bring one standard set of sheets: a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow with pillowcase.

Will irons, ironing boards be available for pressing dress uniform?
Yes, we have both irons and ironing boards available to check out from our logistics section.

Are cards/card games allowed?
No, they should not bring cards or card games.

Do we need to fill out the forms in the email we got a few days ago? On the CAP website it said we didn't need to unless the medical part has changed.
No, when you completed the JotForm for your cadet, you completed all the necessary paperwork. You would only need bring a new medical form if something changed in your recent medical history.

Are sunglasses such as aviators allowed to be worn outside during encampment?
Yes, sunglasses may be worn outside at encampment. However, during the morning and evening formation, sunglasses may not be worn at that time. These last about 5-10 minutes.

Do we need to bring PT clothes?
Yes, you need to bring shorts or pants for PT. Shorts are more common in the summer, but you will wear your flight shirt during PT. Sweats are not optional at winter encampment. 

How are food allergies taken care of?
Our Mess team is tracking that information and will have alternative food for those with known allergies. If you have not let us know, please email us and tell us ASAP.

How many hours of sleep do we get?
8.5 hours is the requirement, and we follow that strictly.

Are there vegetarian/vegan/gluten free/lactose free food options?
Yes, if you have informed us of a food allergy or intolerance, we have a meal for you. 

If a cadet has a strong need to get in touch with parents, what is the process?
This will be dependent on the need. Cadets are discouraged from calling parents during encampment. Homesick cadets have a Training Officer in which to talk with.

Will coffee be available?
Not for students

What kind of bag do you recommend that students use to bring their items/equipment?
We recommend a plastic box with wheels. However, any bag will work. We just recommend something large enough to hold all of your items so that you are not carrying multiple bags. We do not recommend a duffle bag as whatever is needed is usually at the bottom of the bag, but you are welcome to use whatever you have.

Will any type of flashlight work?
Handheld flashlights are preferred, but generally, yes.

If we are going with Cadet Staff early, what will Cadet Students do?
We have staff that will be with any students that arrive early. They have classes and other things planned.

When do we get our assignments for flights?
Flight lists are up on the on the TXWG webpage on the Flight Lists page.

Is pressing our uniforms mandatory?
For Blues, yes. You generally need to press your uniform so that the creases are in the correct location.
For ABUs, if hung up properly, you may not need to iron them at all, but if they have been living at the bottom of a closet in a ball, you will probably need to iron them.

What will the shower facilities look like?
All have open bay showers. 

Was CAPF 60-81 included in the JotForms? We got notice from local commander that this form required signature from Captain.
The CAPF 60-81 was included in the JotForm and all commanders will be emailed to confirm attendance.

Are the cadets allowed to wear GoPro style cameras during certain activities as the list does say cameras are allowed?
GoPro Cameras will be taken up as contraband from the cadet, but may be gotten out for use at the Confidence Course. The safety and responsibility for their personal GoPro is on the cadet that owns it.

Do we have the medical officers information in case there is an emergency with the cadet?
We don’t generally provide their information, but if your cadet is injured and needs to get medical help, one of our Health Services Officers will contact you and give you their information to keep in contact.

Will parents be shown where to pick up medication when we arrive?
All medications and contraband will be given back to the cadet at out processing to be placed in their luggage before the Pass in Review.

Can I pick my battle buddy?
You will have a battle buddy assigned by your flight staff.

I have wavy hair, slightly below the shoulders.  What is the hair requirement?  Should I cut it?
From CAPR 39-1 Hair (Male). Tapered appearance on both sides and the back of the head, both with and without headgear. A tapered appearance is one that when viewed from any angle outlines the member’s hair so that it conforms to the shape of the head, curving inward to the natural termination point without eccentric directional flow, twists or spiking. A block-cut is permitted with tapered appearance. Hair will not exceed 2 inches in bulk, regardless of length and ¼ inch at natural termination point; allowing only closely cut or shaved hair on the back of the neck to touch the collar. Hair will not touch the ears or protrude under the front band of headgear. Cleanly shaven heads, military high-and-tight or flat-top cuts are authorized. Prohibited examples (not all inclusive) are mohawk, mullet, cornrows, dreadlocks or etched design. Men may have one (cut, clipped or shaved) front to back, straight-line part, not slanted or curved, on either side of their head, above the temple. Part will not exceed 4 inches length or ¼ inch width. Men are not authorized hair extensions. See Attachment 3 for sideburns, mustache, and graphic examples of male hair standards. Hair (Female). No minimum length to a maximum bulk of 4 inchesfrom scalp and allows for proper wear of headgear. If worn loose, hair will end above the bottom edge of collar and will not extend below an invisible line drawn parallel to the ground, both front to back and side to side. If hair is pulled back and secured behind the head, radius will not exceed 6 inches from the point where the hair is gathered (i.e., no more than 6 inches to the left and 6 inches to the right, 12 inches total width; and 6 inches protruding from where hair is gathered) and must allow for proper wear of headgear. One or two braids or a single ponytail may be worn with length not extending below a horizontal line running between the top of each sleeve inseam at the under arm through the shoulder blades. The braid(s) or ponytail/equivalent cannot be worn over the shoulder or pulled in front of the body. They shall extend down the member’s back. Bangs, or side-swiped hair, may touch eyebrows but will not touch or cover eyes. When in doubt, assess correct length of hair with the member standing in the position of attention. The intent is for pinned-up hair to be styled in a manner that prevents loose ends from extending upward on the head. For example, when using a clip or hairpins, hair will not present the appearance of a “rooster tail”. When hair is in a bun, the bun must be a single bun no wider than the width of the head and all loose ends must be tucked in and secured. When hairstyle is in a ponytail, it must be a single ponytail that does not extend below a horizontal line running between the top of each sleeve inseam at the under arm through the shoulder blades. As with all hairstyles, a neat and professional image is essential.

Are black jungle boots permitted?
Yes, all black combat boots are welcome.

Will males be able to wear a swimsuit as we are taking showers?
Yes, cadets are welcome to wear a swimsuit when showering. They do need to wash their entire body.

Will baseball sliding shorts provide as an athletic supporter or do the males need an actual jock strap?
We encourage you to wear whatever you normally wear for athletics or physical education.

Other than by gender, how are the cadets separated? By flight, age, or otherwise?
By flight at encampment. Also, Cadets from the same home squadron are generally not put in the same flight unless there are a lot of cadets from one squadron.

Does the operations plan have an exact address on where the cadets get dropped off?

My hair is crazy and short. Can we wear black headbands?
From CAPR 39-1 Hair accessories. If worn, black hair accessories (e.g. fabric scrunchies, hairpins, combs, clips, headbands, elastic bands and barrettes, etc.) are authorized regardless of hair color. Hair must still comply with bulk and appearance standards. Headgear must fit properly. Headbands or fabric scrunchies will not exceed one inch in width. Ornaments are not authorized (i.e., ribbons, beads, jeweled pins).

Will Shoulder Cords be authorized for Students?
Yes, cadets may wear any ribbons, cords, and badges they have earned.

What size would the beds be for the sheets?
All beds are Standard Twin size.

Are you able to bring a sleeping bag instead of bed sheets?
No, part of your inspection involves your ability to make a bed according to the standard. To do that, you must have sheets.

Is it colder at night?  Do they need a blanket? Or sleeping bag? Or is the sheet warm enough?
You must bring a blanket to winter encampment, sleeping bags are not allowed. It does get cold in some of the barracks at night.

Can I bring any pattern of bedsheet? Like a flower or racecar pattern?
Yes, you are welcome to use any patterned bed sheets that you already have.

Are the sleeping quarters warm at night or kept cool?
Most are cool at night.

Single bed bunk, correct?
Yes, they are twin sized bunk beds.

Are students allowed to bring their own pillows?
Yes, we recommend you bring your own pillow.

Are there instructions for making a bed so cadets can practice before arriving or is it well covered during encampment?
The cadet cadre will have their methods for teaching a “hospital corner,” but the instructions to make one can be found on the internet.

Are the rooms the cadets sleep in air condition?
Yes, all sleeping areas are air conditioned and heated.

What sort of intensity should we expect throughout the week?
If you have attended an Airman Leadership School, the intensity will be similar to that activity. It does vary depending on the activity that is happening, much like it does at the squadron level.

How much time will the cadets be given to get dressed into uniform in the morning? Should cadets sleep in parts of their uniform?
Cadets should not sleep in parts of their uniform. Cadets will generally sleep in their PT gear (flight t-shirt, and athletic shorts). They will participate in PT in the morning and then have a hygiene time after that in which to get ready. It varies from day to day depending on what they are doing that morning.

Can cadets bring a white noise machine to use while sleeping?
No, as they are in open bay bunks.

Are notebooks allowed?
Yes, notebooks are encouraged. We recommend a pocket sized one that is easy to carry in your uniform.

What time do you go to bed and wake up?
Unfortunately, we are not going to answer that. Some things, like the schedule, are privileged information. All students will get 8.5 hours of sleep at encampment per regulations.

How much time will we be given by CADRE to get dressed after the hygiene period?
Again, this is dependent on what is going on that day and what you are scheduled to do.

Should we bring extra insignia?
It is not necessary to bring extra insignia. However, you are welcome to bring it if you so choose.

Blister kits?  Do we have to make our own? Or is this something we can buy?
Either is allowed. Some people make their own by gathering things like foot powder and moleskin. Some get the premade ones from places like Academy that put them in the camping section. Some just get the Band-Aid brand Hydro Seal bandages. We recommend whatever works best for you.

Can promotion ceremonies be performed during encampment?
No. Unless you are receiving your Eaker or Spaatz Award. Encampment does not participate in promotion ceremonies.

What type of blanket should I bring? does it matter the thickness or material?
You bring whatever you are comfortable with. Some bring a poncho liner (woobie), some a light throw blanket, some an old wool “Army” blanket (not recommended), some a comforter. Bring a blanket that will keep you warm at night. 

Will there be night watch?
Senior members will be up and watching for cadets trying to leave their bunk areas.

What if I get promoted on E-Services during encampment? Would I be notified?
No, promotions are done at the squadron level and you would find out after you get home.

Does it matter if there are any designs (shapes, logos, etc.) on my blanket.
No, as long as it is “CAP appropriate”, we do not care if there are designs on your blanket.

As for the rain jacket, can I bring an ABU jacket? If so, does it need a jacket tab.
You are welcome to bring any kind of rain jacket. ABU jackets or Gore-Tex are allowed. We are about safety, if you do not have a tab to make it official, that is alright.

Are stuffed animals allowed? small ones?
They are not recommended. They just get lost.

How long is the graduation ceremony?
The graduation is about 30 minutes long.

Will the encampment ribbon be awarded during the ceremony?
Unfortunately, no. It was not budgeted for. You will need to order or see your squadron for the ribbon.

The operations plan mentions firearms training. Will the cadets be using firearms while at encampment? 
The cadets spend some time on a range with .22 bolt action rifles. They will go through a safety course, and they practice with much supervision. It is there to give cadets a taste of firearms. You also signed off on that item when you filled out the JotForm. If you would like to change your answer for your cadet, you can email us at texasencampment@gmail.com and we will make sure that they do not go to the range.

What do I do if my student needs any accommodations?
If your cadet needs any accommodations, you need to contact us at texasencampment@gmail.com and let us know. If it is medical related, we will need a doctor's note for it. If it is academic related, please send us a copy of your school accommodations sheet from your IEP.

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