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School Overview

Last Updated:  05 January 2023

Staff Training Day:  16 March 2023

Student Dates:  17-19 March 2023

Location:  Fort Wolters, 739 Heintzelman Rd, Mineral Wells, Texas 76067

Important Information

Ops Plan and Packing List posted under "Related Documents" to the right on this page.

Students need to bring signed copies of CAP Forms 160, 161 and 163 (if under 18) linked to the right on this page (bottom for mobile devices).

Senior Staff

Grade First Last Duty Position
Capt Wendy Cameron Commander
SMSgt Jack Koby Senior Enlisted Leader
Capt Brian Lynch Deputy Commander Support
Lt Col Ed McFadden Chief Training Officer
Capt Joshua Taylor Commandant of Cadets
Capt Jared Brown  113th Squadron Training Officer
2d Lt Nikki Sliger Alpha TO
SSgt Tristan Wiese Bravo TO
Capt Mark Chin Charlie TO
Capt Jacob Brown 114th Squadron Training Officer 
Capt Erica Miller Delta TO
Lt Col Lionel Jenkins Echo TO
SM Adam Calderon Foxtrot TO
1st Lt Scott Wigington Quality Assurance Mentor
Capt Bethany Hiller Safety Mentor
2d Lt Ruth Moore Instructor Mentor
2d Lt Mark Del Toro IT/Comms Mentor
SSgt Ellen Coaton Logistics Mentor
SM Levi Williams  Public Affairs Mentor
2d Lt Sazar Ali Admin Mentor
SM Omar Njie Health Services Mentor
SM Nicole Townsend Health Services Mentor
1st Lt Asher Lieberman Mess Mentor
SM Rechelle Lieberman Mess Mentor
SM Glenn Howard Chaplain/Reserve


Cadet Cadre

Duty Position
Rank / Name
Executive Staff
Cadet Commander
C/Maj Isaiah Mcguire
Deputy Commander of Operations
C/Capt Nathan Sisson
Deputy Commander of Support
C/Maj Esther Treibs
Deputy Commander of Support Assistant C/SMSgt Trevor Chesler
Lead Instructor
C/1st Lt William Neylon
Curriculum and Planning
C/1st Lt John Rosenfeld
Safety OIC
C/2nd Lt Samuel Kisiel
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance OIC
C/Maj Aoife Bridgeman
Quality Assurance
C/Maj Bailey Gann
Quality Assurance
C/Capt Benjamin Guerrero
Quality Assurance
C/2nd Lt Michaela Wilson
C/MSgt Brooks Beckmann
C/CMSgt Tristan Gruchet
C/2nd Lt Cassidy Daily
C/2nd Lt Autumn Solomon
Support Staff
Admin OIC
C/Capt Tayla Friedman
C/MSgt Grace Bridgeman
C/SSgt Bradford Hunton
C/TSgt Samuel Strabala
Information Technology/Comms OIC
C/2nd Lt Cooper Roberts
Information Technology
C/SMSgt Jeongwon Park
Information Technology
C/CMSgt Nathan Sliger
Logistics OIC
C/2nd Lt Justin Williams
C/TSgt Sebel Ali
C/MSgt Holly Cullop
Logistics C/MSgt Cooper Davis
Health Services OIC
C/2nd Lt David Baker
Health Services
C/MSgt Coralee Cameron
Health Services
C/CMSgt Yonas Romberg
Mess OIC
C/1st Lt Kelly Calderon
C/SSgt Ava Evans
C/SSgt Andrew Fehler
C/SSgt Emily Provost
C/SrA Hollann Rykov
Public Affairs OIC
C/2nd Lt Corinne Cameron
Public Affairs
C/SSgt Anders Howard
Public Affairs
C/CMSgt Clara Moore
Public Affairs C/TSgt Joshua Rosenfeld
Public Affairs
C/CMSgt Janie Sliger
  Superintendent C/SMSgt Kaira German
113th Squadron
Squadron Commander
C/1st Lt Emily Coaton
First Sergeant
C/MSgt Matthew McFadden
Alpha Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Jack Pacheco
Alpha Flight Sergeant
C/SMSgt Ethan Robertson
Bravo Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Cooper Eastman
Bravo Flight Sergeant C/SMSgt Lennon Medina
Charlie Flight Commander C/2nd Lt Angeleena Del Toro
Charlie Flight Sergeant
C/SMSgt Andrew Xuan
114th Squadron
Squadron Commander
C/2nd Lt Andrew Johnson
First Sergeant
C/CMSgt Ariana Holsapple
Delta Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Jose Requena
Delta Flight Sergeant
C/SMSgt Weimar Dakota
Echo Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Isaac Moris
Echo Flight Sergeant
C/MSgt Isabel Ortiz
Foxtrot Flight Commander
C/2nd Lt Naomi Lieberman
Foxtrot Flight Sergeant
C/SMSgt Benjamin Strabala
Color Guard
Color Guard Commander
Color Guard
Color Guard
Color Guard


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