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NCOS Overview

Group VI will host a Noncommissioned Officer School (NCO School) 27-31 July 2024 at Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells, Texas.  The primary purpose of the NCO School is to prepare junior Noncommissioned Officers to be skilled and competent while simultaneously producing leaders that excel in self-discipline, personal development, and a strict adherence to the Civil Air Patrol core values.  

This “Leadership Laboratory” is a hands-on learning course designed to practice leadership skills necessary for the NCO. Practicum includes: conducting uniform inspections, leading Physical Fitness, learning to teach drill and ceremony/customs and courtesies, and fostering teamwork.

Staff Training Day:  26 July 2024
Dates:  27-31 July 2024
Location:  Fort Wolters, Mineral Wells, Texas

Ops Plan is posted in the right column of this page


Cadet Cadre and Senior Member applications are CLOSED:

Cadet Commandant applications due 18 Feb 2024 (CLOSED)
Executive Cadre Applications due 21 Feb 2024 (CLOSED)
Chief Cadet Training Instructor, Mess OIC applications due 25 Feb 2024 (CLOSED)
All remaining applications due 25 Feb 2024 (CLOSED)

NCO School 005 Cadet Cadre Application

Senior Member Applications due 25 Feb 2024 (CLOSED)

NCO School 005 Senior Member Mentor Application


Click here for Student Ticket Registration
Students $150.00
Cadet Cadre: $75.00
Senior Members: $45.00

Requirements to attend NCOS as a student are:

1. C/SSgt-C/CMSgt
2. C/SrA with ALS or Encampment credit and unit Commander's approval
3. Successful completion of the CPFT (with one mile run)

Senior Staff

Duty Position

Rank / Name


Maj Lana Holub

Deputy Commander

SMSgt Jack Koby


Capt Glenn Howard

Chief Training Officer

Capt Jeff Simmons

Force Support Officer

Capt Wendy Cameron

Commandant for Cadets

Capt Josh Taylor

Safety Officer

Maj Mark Chin

Health Service Officer

MSgt Brian German

Capt Erica Taylor

Alpha Flight Training Officer

TSgt Ellen Coaton

Bravo Flight Training Officer

TSgt Paul Lusk

Charlie Flight Training Officer

1st Lt Alexis Gonzalez

Delta Flight Training Officer

SSgt John DeBord

Echo Flight Training Officer

SSgt Darin O'Dell

Reservist Training Officer

Maj Mark Holub

Public Affairs Officer

2d Lt Rebecca Gray

Admin/Logistics Officer

2d Lt Laura Ferring

Mess Officer

Capt Mark Del Toro

Curriculum and Planning Officer

Capt Emelia McLaughlin














Cadet Cadre

Duty Position

Rank / Name

Cadet Commandant

C/Lt Col Emily Coaton

Cadet Training Group Officer

C/Capt Cooper Roberts

Cadet Force Support OIC

C/Maj John Rosenfeld

Curriculum and Planning Officer

C/Capt Mya Desjardins



C/1st Lt Clara Moore

C/2d Lt Cole Hunton

Cadet Chief Training Instructors

C/1st Lt Paige Fullinghim

C/1st Lt Ben Strabala

Alpha Cadet Training Instructor

C/2d Lt Sam Ippolito

Bravo Cadet Training Instructor

C/CMSgt Wyatt Damron

Charlie Cadet Training Instructor

C/CMSgt Ethanie Copp

Delta Cadet Training Instructor

C/CMSgt Joshua Rosenfeld

Echo Cadet Training Instructor

C/CMSgt Austin Wiescamp

Safety and Health Services Officer

C/CMSgt Coralee Cameron

Safety and Health Services team

C/MSgt Owyn Cramer

C/CMSgt Cameron Roberts

Admin and Logistics OIC

C/1st Lt Dakota Weimar

Admin and Logistics Team

C/CMSgt Anders Howard

C/2d Lt Noah Quintana

C/CMSgt Miranda Marsh

Public Affairs OIC

C/CMSgt Annelise Pete

Public Affairs Team

C/SMSgt Evangeline Lieberman

C/CMSgt Cason Cameron

Mess OIC

C/CMSgt Reilly Ruth

Mess Team

C/CMSgt Evelyn Krisman

C/CMSgt Ethan Strebeck

C/CMSgt Tyler Herzberger


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