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Cadet Advisory Council


Cadets involved in the Cadet Advisory Council create, develop, and submit proposals directly to their commander, giving them valuable leadership experience and enabling them to make positive changes to the program. The proposals are drafted by committees made up of council members, subject-matter experts, and interested cadets. You can see the list of current standing committees below. If you are interested in being a member of a committee, please reach out to the committee chair.

Current Texas Wing CAC

If you have any questions, please reach out to one of the members listed below.

Chair: C/Maj Colin Agor
Vice Chair: C/Capt Elijah Todd
Recorder: C/CMsgt Tyler Paul
Senior Member Advisor: Lt Col Jed Taylor and Capt Kara McElhaney
Group Primary Assistant
Group I C/1st Lt James Neel Vacant
Group II C/CMSgt Trevor Chesler Vacant
Group III C/1st Lt David Baker C/2d Lt Cassidy Daily
Group IV C/Maj Daniel Sada Vacant
Group V C/Lt Col Eli Rosin C/2d Lt Saipranay Indurti
Group VI C/1Lt Ethan Kurland C/1st Lt Jeffrey Wood
Group VII C/Lt Col Madeleine Ybarra C/Maj Benjamin Ybarra

Working Committees:

None Currently


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