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Senior Member Training

Cadets Need YOUR Leadership.

They know YOUR service as supervisors, instructors, and mentors is the most essential ingredient in cadet life. No squadron will succeed in its cadet mission unless it has the benefit of a handful of well-trained, dedicated cadet programs officers. 


What makes a great Cadet Programs Officer (CPO)?

Great CPOs will be passionate about mentoring and developing cadets.  It is by far one of the most demanding of Civil Air Patrols missions. It requires a devotion of more time in training, activities, building relationships, and being a role model for young people who will look to you for guidance their entire lifetime.

But the rewards are worth it!

"After I retired from the Air Force, I really missed mentoring and developing my subordinates.  Cadets aren't kids, they are professionals that want to be developed!  It's amazing to watch them grow and excel."
~ MSgt Will Holloway, USAF (Ret)
"I work with Cadets to mentor them so that hopefully they don’t make the mistakes I made. I want them to be better than me, and to take the leadership lessons they learn to be the leaders of their state and nation."
~ Lt. Col. Phil Kost, USA (Ret)
"The reason I work with cadets goes back to when I was a cadet. Growing up in the program, I didn't know about all of the opportunities cadets had. Even if I did, my family and squadron didn't have the resources to let me experience them. My reward as a senior member is ensuring the cadets are getting the information and resources I never knew of so they can enjoy the program to the fullest."
~ Capt. Joshua Taylor,  CAP

Cadet Programs Needs Diverse Leaders

Cadet Programs officers need to come from a diverse background.  We need leaders with diverse training and experiences, as many activities have similar staffing needs to even the largest Emergency Management Events.  CP can be a way to earn fast tracked experience in those rarely used fields.  

How do I get Involved in Cadet Programs?

  1. Talk to your squadron commander to get added to the Cadet Programs Specialty Track
  2. Attend a Training Leaders of Cadets Course
  3. Talk to your squadron, group, or wing Cadet Programs Officer about getting a mentor
  4. Get your Civil Air Patrol Driver's License (Cadet Programs is going places).
  5. Check the Upcoming Activities Page to see all the places you could go.

Don't know where to go to get started?

Email Wing Cadet Programs at cp@txwg.CAP.gov.

Check out the Cadet Programs Handbook and Study Guide.


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